Access to the Internet & Improving Public Transportation

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Access to the Internet & Improving Public Transportation

Postby admin » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:13 pm

Should the government spend more money on expanding access to the Internet and improving public transportation?

Yes, I believe that the government should spend more money on the expansion of Internet access and the improvement of public transportation. A good reason for the expansion of the Internet is so that more public grade schools and universities have complete access to the Internet, which will vastly improve teaching abilities and help students study more efficiently. The Internet is here to stay and rather than fight it, the government should embrace it and expand on it. It is becoming a large and important part of society and that is not going to change anytime soon.

Spending more money on improving access to public transportation is a great idea in the sense that working class citizens in many cities have a huge need for public transportation, but also in the sense that increasing the use of public transportation decreases both traffic and emissions. Everyone needs to get around, and get around in a timely manner for work, events, and anything else they may wish to be doing. Highways in rural states play a critical role in the country’s economy: They connect to Western ports to facilitate the transportation of goods, and they serve as interstate bridges for agriculture, energy and freight industries. But with national transportation planning often focused on urban development, rural highways can get neglected, leading to stretched capacity, reduced connectivity and strained two-lane roads used by heavy trucks. Mass transit in rural areas is even more problematic. Improving public transportation will allow people to travel more safely, it will be more affordable, and with less of a cost to the environment. Investments in such infrastructure are beneficial to all in society.

It only makes sense to put more money into those systems so that they work properly. So in both instances, government would be foolish not to spend money on two increasingly important aspects of modern life. Both of these expansions will allow both ideas and people to be connected more quickly and efficiently. These are important aspects of infrastructure and are needed.

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