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Postby Ecigaretteempire.com » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:02 am

Hello Everyone!
As we all know vaping can be expensive! With everyone who is trying to get into the vaping industry, and the competition rising there has been a massive rise is product prices on most e cigarette distributing websites in order for most distributors to stay in business. Unfortunately in order for them to stay afloat that means YOU the consumers are being forced to pay unnecessary inflated prices. We at E Cigarette Empire think that is incredibly unfair and unjust! We believe it is our job as a distributor to provide top premium e juice and quality industry standard mods for a price that wont break our customers bank. We support our customers on their decision to turn to a healthier alternative than tobacco, and we don't agree with making this alternative immensely more expensive. Thats thy at E Cigarette Empire we strive to give you the best flavors and brands for the lowest price! We are constantly researching our competitors prices in order to ensure that we can beat it, so that our customers will no longer be forced to pay unacceptable prices! Vaping is for the people by the people and we want to keep it that way! Come check out ecigaretteempire.com and see just what we mean! Feel free to check out our prices and collections, and I promise once you do you wont want to go anywhere else!

Thank you,
E Cigarette Empire Team

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