Is Anybody Here a Voluntaryists?

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Is Anybody Here a Voluntaryists?

Postby ecigsnet » Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:18 pm

I like to listen to the radio broadcasts put out by Free Talk Live even though I am not entirely sure that I agree with them. They take the point of view that you should not do harm to anyone for any reason.

Since the police and government will do harm to you, they should be dissolved. They call this philosophy: Voluntaryism and they are Voluntaryists.

Is anyone here a Voluntaryist?

When a Voluntaryist does not know how the philosophy will work, they tend to say the free market will figure it out. That's what they say when the talk turns to road building, for example. Does anyone feel like explaining some of the finer points of this philosophy to me? I'd love to get in a debate here about it. If I call them on the phone*, I tend to get overrun. I'm more of a write down your thoughts type of person.

*Free Talk Live will take your phone call and discuss any topic.

Thanks in advance.

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