How to Avoid Being Attacked by a Taser

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How to Avoid Being Attacked by a Taser

Postby ecigsnet » Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:03 pm

According to, over 500 Americans have been killed in the past decade from police initiated non-lethal taser attacks. Since the police have a shoot first, decide if you are guilty later approach to law enforcement, I've decided to educate myself as to how to protect against being zapped by the people in blue. has a pretty good write up on a cheap method (no special clothing or equipment required) to defeat the flying electrodes of a hand-held taser.

Simply spin.

"Yes, that is correct, spin in place if you have to, but if not, let your arms rise up as you whirl your body tangentially away from the perp firing the taser at you.

First, by spinning as soon as you see the small muscles under their eyes tighten, indicating that they have decided to fire their weapon, you will stand a good chance of catching them by surprise, and spoiling their aim such that the poor minion behind you is introduced to 'sudden electrical bladder discharge (SEBD - an all too common urinary tract condition in our times)'.

Second, you also stand a good chance of dislodging one or both of the probes as they will be hitting a moving target obliquely.

Lastly, just by having the momentum of the body moving (especially with arms elevated to shoulder height), you will bring the conducting lines together, EVEN if the taser is initially successful in its strike against you, thus limiting the delivery of charge, and quickly restoring your mobility."

Read the complete article here:

Half Past Human / Tasers

Read the TASER article at How Things Work:


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Re: How to Avoid Being Attacked by a Taser

Postby admin » Wed Nov 28, 2012 5:39 pm

Thanks for the laughs....hilarious. :lol:

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