Accessories - eCig Vaporizer Holder Magnetic Vape Tray

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Accessories - eCig Vaporizer Holder Magnetic Vape Tray

Postby ecigsnet » Tue Nov 27, 2012 6:56 pm

Electronic Cigarette Holder: 'Black Hole Black' PV Stand
eCig Vaporizer Accessories - Magnetic Vape Tray


Size – 9” long, 3.5” wide, 4” tall
Weight – 1.5lbs
Categories – PV Stand / Electronic Cigarette Holder / Vaporizer Accessories

Introducing the Black Hole Black Electronic Cigarette Holder from Our stand brings a sleek modern look in 6 powder coated colors including an artistic grind finish by modern metal artist Nicholas Yust. The stand offers 2 resting positions, one steep angle for use when the tank is full and one gentle angle for use when the tank is near empty. In addition to the attractive finish and shape, our stand is made from mild American steel which give it both rigidity and magnetic properties. The metal of the stand is attracted to the magnet within the pressure switch of your Personal Vaporizer (PV.) This helps lock the PV in place while in the stand.

This stand has been tested and approved by users.

Thad from Cincinnati writes “Finally, a PV stand that holds my device firmly and looks awesome on my desk at work, thanks guys, you’re the best…lol”

Available Colors:
Wild Red
Black Hole Black
Pure White
Industrial Gray
Espresso Brown
Ground Metal

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