5 Unopened Cigarette Packs Pre-FSC Circa 2009/10

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5 Unopened Cigarette Packs Pre-FSC Circa 2009/10

Postby MSStrob » Wed Dec 26, 2012 8:56 pm

Five Rare Tribal Collectibles: 5 Unopened Cigarette Packs Pre-FSC Circa 2009/10

To place a bid, go here: eBay

You are bidding on (5) five unopened packs of cigarettes (2 packs of Seneca Non-Filter, 1 Lewiston Full Flavor, Two different pack designs for Smokin Joes Lights). None of these packs can be purchased in stores today. These are pre-FSC packs circa 2009. Please see the picture of the UPC codes for more information. These packs are all in great condition. They've been packed away in storage. There may be some loose tobacco visible inside the cellophane wrapper, but otherwise they look great. These packs are being shipped from inside the USA, so the postage is domestic.

For more information, please click here: cigarette packs

Happy Bidding!
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