3XL Seneca T-Shirt, Seneca Little Cigar Pack and Seneca Play

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3XL Seneca T-Shirt, Seneca Little Cigar Pack and Seneca Play

Postby MSStrob » Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:46 pm

3XL Seneca T-Shirt, Seneca Little Cigar Pack and Seneca Playing Card Set

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This auction is for an unused Seneca 3XL T-Shirt, an unopened pack of Seneca playing cards and unused, unopened pack of the Seneca Vanilla Little Cigars. The promo items were given away at the opening ceremony that was held when Seneca released their new line of little cigars. The cigar pack was made during one of the first production runs of this product.

This is a great Christmas gift for the cigarette/little cigar package collector in your life. These little cigar packs are out of production and no longer sold in this packaging. The new retail packages have been redesigned to say "filtered-cigars". These packs are the original soft packs with the words, "Little Cigars" still on them.

For more great gift ideas, please see my other cigarette packs and tobacciana collectible listings.

The package is unopened and undamaged. There might be some loose tobacco visible inside the cellophane wrapper, but is otherwise in perfect condition. This pack is being shipped from inside the USA, so the postage is domestic.

This pack ships in a 6" x 7" x 4" box with lots of stuffing to avoid damage. I am willing to send this with a priority mail if you mail the additional costs.

Happy Bidding!
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