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Galactic Vapes
4301 Orchard Lake Rd, Suite 180/215
West Bloomfield, Michigan
United States
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Home of the Galactic Oil Pen, the best buttonless vaporizer on the market, Galactic Vapes specializes in staying in front of the latest innovations in the eCigarette and portable Vaporizer industry and delivering products based on user demand. Galactic Vapes are strictly for use by adults 18 years or older and not for use by children nor are they to be used illegally.

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The Galactic Oil Pen™ is the latest in design and technology for all your portable vaporization needs.

Be bold. Take advantage of more power than ever before. Now use with honey oil and most types of eJuice. Let it alert you after the perfect hit. Use the handy stylus. Charge quickly. Enjoy!

This is the best vaporizer oil pen on the market. Why settle for anything else? Why mess with buttons and complicate your enjoyment of essential liquids? Buy the Galactic Oil Pen™ vaporizer oil pen. You won’t regret it.

All Galactic Oil Pens™ include everything you need for the ultimate in portable vaporization:

1 pc. Galactic Oil Pen™ 280 mAh Lithium Battery 1 pc. Galactic Oil Pen™ Mouthpiece 1 pc. Galactic Oil Pen™ CE3 Atomizer Cartridge 1 pc. Galactic Oil Pen™ USB Charger

Galactic Oil Pen™ Features:

Totally buttonless! A handy stylus allows for use with touch screens Fully charged battery supplies 300 puffs Available in Black or White colors Red LED back-lit lights NEW CE3 Atomizer (no leakage) NEW USB charger (2-3 hours)

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